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Julie Plec and Carolie Dries sure love pissing off Stefan/Stelena Stans. Stefan has been tortured, tormented, heartbroken and then killed this whole season. Can I just mention that Stefan had been drowning and dying for three months, while Damon got a painless, peaceful death.

The writers are…


"Damon is the hero"


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I’ve (pictured a future with you) from the second I laid eyes on you.

Damon, rewriting history and pretending he didn’t think Elena was Katherine/want to rescue Katherine and not give two figs about Elena Gilbert for half the first season. (via dragonqueenofall)


Can Damon just stay dead and everybody in Mystic Falls just not care? Cause that would be great


my friend texted me today to tell me how much she cried during that last Delena scene. She also said that she understood their love, got emotional about it and wanted them together after that. She finished up by saying she didn’t want Damon to leave…..


tvd is renewed for another season which means that i’ll have to spend another year watching this bullshit just because i’m emotionally invested in stefan salvatore 

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Damon doesn’t think trying to be a good person is worthwhile:


Damon takes the easy way out which isn’t always what is right and just:

He gives up on Stefan when he’s a ripper frequently even though Damon’s probably one of the only people who could bring Stefan’s humanity back as he is…